Entertainment & Sports

Media, entertainment and content creation are subject to a democratic principle, as these days, every consumer and every company is also a creator of and a publisher of content. In this highly competitive market, the “media” ecosystem, companies are not only fighting for the attention of their target audience inside and outside their own industry, but also for the skills to manage and develop their business. With the creation of media and content now being ubiquitous, finding the best professionals has become more difficult.

The economic and social importance of sport continues to grow, leading to new content and products. The commercialisation and digitalisation of sports require managers who keep their companies at the top with vision and leadership.

Media, Entertainment & Publishing
Our work in the area of media and entertainment includes: film, TV, radio, music games, advertising, publishing, performing arts, creative agencies and consultancies.

Betting & Gaming
Our work in the area of betting & gaming ranges from gaming with real money or gambling through to all forms of interactive entertainment, video and e-sports – we support businesses with the best talent at all stages of their growth.

In the area of sports, we are one of the few agencies that support leading teams as well as their advertising partners and major sports federations in their search for executives.