Digital Positions

Only the best leaders for the digital world can help your company achieve sustainable success. Today, executives from all areas of the company need a basic digital approach so as to successfully rise to future challenges. We identify and find the leaders who have the right digital DNA and fill board, executive, and senior management positions across all corporate divisions.

Corporate communications
Distribution and multichannel
Finances & controlling
Operations (SCM, logistics production),
Purchasing/category management


​Example of CMO and CDO

The digital transformation has fundamentally changed the world of business as we know it. Moreover, all companies have to face the digital transformation sooner or later. Yet how can you transform a company successfully? On this basis, an increasing number of companies are preparing to hand the responsibility for the digital transformation to a specially appointed “Chief Digital Officer” (CDO) or “Chief Transformation Officer” (CTO). Often enough, however, this takes place without describing the tasks of the CEO, CIO and CDO or CTO in sufficient detail and without defining what an optimum distribution of tasks between them should be like.

In the discussions that we regularly have on this topic, it is not uncommon to get the impression that the position of CDO/CTO is primarily created to position the company as an innovative, forward-looking company with a high public profile. That alone is not nearly enough for a successful transformation, however.

It is far more important to ask the right questions at the start. What is the role of the CDO or CTO in the company? What are their tasks? What is s/he responsible for? And by what kind of impact or KPIs should a CDO/CTO be measured? When it comes to the actual idea of an overarching organisational solution in terms of the role and effectiveness of a CDO or CTO, we often sense a fair amount of uncertainty during our discussions with decision-makers.

It is helpful to know the complex digital roles and competencies and to clearly define them and distinguish between them. We have succeeded in building up substantial expertise in all the relevant fields at an early stage.

​We fill roles such as

Chief Digital Officer
Chief Experience Officer
Data Scientist
Digital Marketing Officers
Data Officers and Analytics Leaders
Chief Information Officers
Chief Technology Officers
Chief Innovation Officers
Digital Specialties
Digital Experts für Vorstand/Geschäftsführung und Advisory Boards

​To date, we have successfully operated in the following digitally relevant areas of expertise:

E-Commerce & Omnichannel
Big Data & Analytics
Digital Marketing
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Social Media
Machine Learning
Internet of Everything
Connected Consumer Management