Board Consulting

Board consulting has been playing an increasingly important role ever since supervisory boards became the subject of public interest during the last financial crisis. The discussion on corporate governance which this has triggered requires an experienced partner who is able to handle the scale and relevance of this task, not only in terms of appointments, but also in terms of the evaluation of the existing boards. The tasks required in the area of board consulting are individual and company-specific, which means this is an area in which we do not offer “off-the-shelf products”.

The increase in complexity and uncertainty is presenting companies with considerable challenges. Supervisory and advisory boards no longer just need to be well-networked; they are also required to have a considerable degree of professionalism. When filling these positions, an impeccable reputation as well as personal integrity and ethical standards play a key role along with in-depth and sector-specific knowledge. We consider ourselves a partner with considerable sensitivity for the culture, strategy and positioning of a company and which is adept and intuitive at the right moment. Hofmann Consultants has long been one of the most acclaimed and distinguished providers in the area of board consulting.


The consumer goods industry is characterised by family businesses. One of the most important and difficult tasks that family businesses face is executive succession.

Sometimes, the best candidates are found in the family, sometimes in the company itself, but sometimes they can only be found outside the company. As part of a sustainable and structured succession process, we support our clients with their internal and external search for the best possible candidate. The election of a new CEO is far more than simply being a “coronation”. In this field, we consider ourselves discussion partners who develop viable scenarios and approach the search for the right individual with a wealth of experience.

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